Meet the world’s most beautiful women and see how much they earn

Without a doubt, Hollywood is home to a beautiful number of women. Nonetheless, the stunning ladies on this list have outdone themselves in terms of their careers, commercial endeavours, and objectives. Discover which Hollywood ladies are the most attractive by scrolling through this list, which also includes information about their annual pay, nett worth, and—most importantly—whether or not any new albums or projects are in the works for their devoted fan base.

1. Beyonce Knowles

Profession: Singing, Acting

Est. Net Worth: $500 million

It’s natural that Beyonce has long been regarded as one of the greatest performers of her generation. She and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, have a combined net worth of more than $1 billion from their individual music careers and business endeavours. You surely have Spotify and Apple Music playlists that include Queen Bey’s music. In addition to her billions of streams, Beyoncé sells out her shows, with front-row seats costing up to $11,000 for those lucky enough to get them.